Nifty Gateway, Gemini's NFT marketplace, reportedly now sells ImmutableX-powered NFTs from web3 games such Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, Illuvium, Embersword, and Planet Quest. Additionally, among the top five NFTs with the most trading volume in September was Gods Unchained NFT.

One of several new initiatives by Nifty Gateway aimed at bringing the next billion consumers to web3 and digital collectibles, which were first revealed in October, is the integration with ImmutableX. A carbon-free, gas-free solution with limitless speed, scalability, security, and liquidity will also be made available to developers and innovators by ImmutableX.

Nifty Gateway co-founder Duncan Cock Foster noted:

"Over the past months, our users’ demand for web3 gaming-related NFTs has been rapidly growing."

Andrew Sorokovsky, ImmutableX's vice president of worldwide business development further added:

"Thanks to this integration, more than a million Nifty users will gain access to numerous high-profile up-and-coming AAA games and their assets that will become even more popular in the future."

NFTs are frequently used as avatars or other in-game objects in blockchain-based games. Proponents contend that even if there is a lack of interoperability between games, owning things like NFTs enables a player to transfer that item for usage in different games.

However, gaming NFTs are increasingly overtaking PFPs and generative art as some of the most widely used NFT collections. Gods Unchained entered the top five collections by trading volume in September after generating close to $18 million from its game assets.

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