2 months ago 1 min read

Uniswap NFTs are Now Formally Live.


From this point on, all users will be able to conduct all of their trading-related activities across the various key and prime market areas in order to locate the additional listings they require and, most importantly, at a lot more reasonable and acceptable price.

An exercise that involves the airdropping of around 5 million USDC for the benefit of some specified previous Genie users will be carried out in order to properly celebrate this historic occasion of having NFTs on Uniswap.

Along with all of this, there will also be a clause that the first 22,000 NFT customers would receive gas reimbursements. The business intends to maintain its self-restraint, dependability, and open-source status in the midst of all of this. The strategy will also respect the value of decentralization.

The company also discloses its plans for providing them with the once-in-a-lifetime experience that, in their opinion, all users simply take for granted when dealing with Uniswap as an added benefit for all of the users.

They agree that the aggregate's main goal is to be able to offer pricing that are much better than those that are now available. Faster indexing, more secure smart contracts, and, to top it all off, more precise and effective execution go hand in hand with this.

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