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Arbitrum Nova is Now Supported by Opensea


The chain specialized to social and gaming, Arbitrum Nova, has received support from the largest NFT marketplace, Opensea.

In September 2022, OpenSea received support for Arbitrum, the sibling Layer 2 scaling network of Arbitrum Nova. The business behind both Arbitrum and Nova is called Offchain Labs. The NFT marketplace will group collections on Arbitrum Nova with other Arbitrum collections on the OpenSea website.

Nova was developed to provide affordable data accessibility. Thanks to OpenSea's integration of NFTs on this blockchain, users can access Nova as a less expensive substitute to Ethereum when buying or selling digital valuables. On those collection and item pages, users will notice a label that says "Arbitrum Nova."

For projects with high transaction volumes and price-sensitive requirements, such as games that frequently generate new goods and cash or social applications with a range of on-chain interaction options, Nova is a blockchain that works well. One notable application of Nova is the upcoming launch of Reddit Community Points, which will be based on it.

Additionally, they are fostering the Nova community by becoming a member of the Data Availability Committee, which will enable them to give on-chain internet access and ensure data integrity (DAC). On the ranks and search pages, the Arbitrum chain feature will still match Nova collections with other Arbitrum collections. On these collection and asset pages, a classification from Arbitrum Nova will be visible.

Arbitrum Chain is energized by OpenSea's backing as well. They tweet their happiness at the prospect of a social and gaming future.

Arbitrum is a crypto-asset built on Ethereum that aims to strengthen the reliability and effectiveness of smart contracts while also introducing new privacy safeguards. Arbitrum Rollup is a good scalability solution for many DeFi applications and can scale any Ethereum agreement. They seek to employ Ethereum-based blockchain technology to solve some of the most urgent problems.

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