From next month, NFT traders will be able to purchase and sell Solana NFTs on OpenSea's website, the company revealed in a video advertisement it shared on Twitter.

The venture-backed company did not mention a specific debut date, though. The fourth blockchain that OpenSea will support after Klatyn, Polygon, and Ethereum is Solana.

Users of Solana may now trade NFTs on Magic Eden, Solanart, and SolSea, among other platforms. The biggest market for NFTs in existence right now, OpenSea, will provide these consumers a new trading option. The majority of OpenSea's activity takes place on Ethereum.

The almost-confirmed news is the market's newest eye-catching action after it earlier this year received $300 million in investment at a $13 billion valuation. Supporters include the fund established by Katie Haun, a former general partner at a16z, and crypto VC Paradigm.

OpenSea proceeded to create its own venture program in February with the intention of funding start-ups and initiatives inside the NFT ecosystem. According to a report at the time by The Block, the venture arm's mandate also includes social and gaming-related ventures.

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