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Pi Network Hackathon 2023 Has Registered Over 1000 Projects

pi network-silicon valley

As of the most recent information publicly available, the Pi Network Hackathon 2023 is said to have more than a thousand projects registered.

Programmers and hackers are free to write their own programs and run them on the Pi Network platform. Players will receive rewards up to $30,000 in addition to any further prizes.

The hackathon will begin on January 9, 2023, and last until February 28, 2023. Participants with an interest in starting businesses will have the chance to network with investors, including Silicon Valley investors.

The successful hackers and programmers will also have the chance to launch their creations and will be able to access the Pi Network's enormous user base, which comprises more than 35 million Pioneers (Pi miners).

The hackathon will feature the following four categories: Open Innovation: Your Best Idea, Consumer Utilities, and Social Media (social media), Games and Entertainment (games and entertainment), and consumer utilities (for Initiatives). the top.

Teams will have the opportunity to create and launch apps in a range of ecosystems at the Pi Network Hackathon in 2023. The Pi Network Hackathon 2023 has received 1299 project registrations as of right now.

Every single developer is easily approachable and actively participates in the process. After participating hackathons meet specific criteria throughout the tournament, they become eligible for awards.

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