11 days ago 1 min read

Pre-Launch Tokens Market Opened by prePO


prePO Singapore has announced that early deposits for Arbitrum are set to start. prePO allows anyone can go long or short on pre-public tokens. With the platform expected to open in the upcoming weeks, this will guarantee access to prePO's inaugural pre-public markets.

prePO is unlike any other cryptocurrency platform because it is the first exchange in the world for trading pre-launch tokens like Arbitrum and OpenSea. Early marketplaces like Arbitrum ($ARB), StarkWare ($STRK), MetaMask, zkSync, and OpenSea may be proposed and chosen by PPO token holders and the general public.

Additionally, early depositors will receive prePO token rewards (up to a deposit cap) and will instantly earn ETH staking yield thanks to integration with Lido.

Retail investors will at last have access to chances that were previously only available to cryptocurrency traders once prePO starts.

The prePO

Anyone can obtain synthetic exposure to any pre-IPO stock or pre-IDO token with prePO, a decentralized trading platform. The goal of prePO is to democratize pre-public investing by creating a permissionless access world out of a world of financial isolation.

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