Due to ChatGPT v4's demonstration of its capabilities, artificial intelligence has lately gained popularity. Nevertheless, a project that calls itself "AI-based" decentralized application has allegedly defrauded its customers out of approximately $1 million.

Harvest Keeper has been accused of stealing almost $933,000 in user funds, according to blockchain security company CertiK. Also, according to CertiK, users on the Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon networks have lost about $219,000 due to ice phishing transactions. The security company advised users to withdraw their authorization from the project and issued a warning to avoid using its website.

Harvest Keeper advertised itself as an artificial intelligence initiative that "optimizes the trading process for maximum payment" and guaranteed a 4.81% return on customer deposits. The platform advertised a 101% return on investment within 21 days and an 8% referral bonus on its website. On Twitter, the initiative has close to 30,000 followers, while its Telegram channel has more than 32,000 subscribers.

In the meantime, scores of accounts purporting to be associated with CryptoGPT have appeared on Twitter as the ChatGPT buzz has reappeared there. On March 10, a hashtag associated with the CryptoGPT cryptocurrency project started trending on Twitter. With it, a lot of accounts that are identical to it have appeared, some of which advertise phony freebies. Many Twitter accounts with the same name are also common, and some of them advertise giveaways and airdrops that are perhaps false.

As the newest version of ChatGPT showed that it could audit smart contracts on Ethereum, many speculated on whether it could replace developers eventually. However, at the recent ETHDubai event, blockchain developers expressed that they are confident that the new iteration of the popular AI tool will not replace developers but will help them instead.

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