On March 23, the metaverse platform Degentraland released a tweet on the urgency of creating on-chain reputation rankings for NFT initiatives.

The platform tweeted that the importance of reputation ratings will increase:

Degentraland also mentioned the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), which has a special collection of 10,000 Bored Ape NFTs, and Azuki, a brand for the metaverse with a particular collection of NFTs, saying that belonging to either community implies too much.

"Being a highly valued member in the BoredApeYC or Azuki communities matters more than having a Stanford MBA in many contexts."

Azuki's "hilumia," which is where the "valuable community are publicly acknowledged for their individual efforts as well as the badge system for certain achievements," was suggested in response to Degentraland by "degen" and Web3 aspirant Fetty.

Hilumia, also known as "the Garden's crossroads," is a burgeoning city that has been shaped and built by the people. Hilumia was previously proclaimed by Azuki in January 2023.

Hilumia is an interactive virtual city that is formed by the community and would grow over time, according to Azuki, who claimed that the new development will assist the community extend the virtual area.

Degentraland stated in a subsequent tweet that the platform will manage a rating established by the community, adding:

"I would look for a community-decided ranking of top members, with the voting infrastructure developed by the underlying project. Difficult to design. And [it’s] tough to know what to value."

A sizable portion of the Twitter community has expressed interest in learning more about the service. Their passion for adhering to the system of grading NFTs based on reputation scores was at the heart of many remarks.

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