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Revolut and 1inch Collaborate; Launches Joint L&E Course


The 1inch Network is pleased to announce the opening of the cryptocurrency "Learn & Earn" course as part of Revolut's education initiative, which is run in conjunction with a number of partners. The relationship with the top customer-centric platform, which provides all the tools required for money management, has just taken its first step.

The global financial superapp Revolut, with more than 20 million users worldwide, diversifies its instructional resource "Learn & Earn," which has been completed by around 2.6 million crypto enthusiasts since its introduction in March 2022, as well as the list of cryptocurrencies offered to consumers.

With the ability to immediately transfer money, invest, and open savings accounts through its app, as well as spend and manage money through card both online and in-person, Revolut's services look to be a kind of substitute for traditional banks. The growing expansion of customers' crypto portfolios shows how popular the crypto feature is.

The customer-centric approach involves enhancing customers' knowledge of the DeFi area and its related concepts because any investment, even cryptocurrency, can be risky. The 1inch Network and Revolut collaborated to develop a three-lesson course that explains the fundamentals needed to get started with decentralized finance as a universal entry point into DeFi.

The course covers core concepts that are critical to comprehending space, such as how DEXes operate, how the Pathfinder algorithm enables users to obtain the best swap prices, and how DAO governance is handled. DeFi fundamentals equip users to use their knowledge in an enjoyable and engaging manner right away.

Earn, the training's incentive component, offers a prize to participants who finish the lessons. Prior to the commencement of each new lesson, Revolut customers' cryptocurrency balances are updated with the prize, which is available in 1INCH tokens. As a result, people who train not only earn money but also receive a useful tool for their upcoming actions in the DeFi space.

According to Crypto General Manager at Revolut, Emil Urmanshin:

“When we introduced the ‘Learn & Earn’ courses, we aimed to make the world of crypto more accessible. The results exceeded our expectations, demonstrating that there is a true customer need for this form of education. Today we are thrilled to launch a new series of lessons, developed with the highly reputable 1inch Network, which will bring customers even more insight into different crypto concepts.”

Meanwhile, 1inch Network co-founder Sergej Kunz believes:

“DeFi education is vital as it drives further mass adoption. We are super excited about the course we are launching with Revolut, and we also hope it’ll pave the way for our in-depth collaboration.”
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