The Romanian government has blocked $500,000 in Bitcoin from infamous social media influencer Andrew Tate, often known as Top-G, and his brother Tristan Tate, according to their spokeswoman.

In December of last year, Romanian police allegedly apprehended the two brothers for engaging in human trafficking. Andrew Tate was also charged with rape in addition to human trafficking. Several others are calling the accusations untrue. His misogynistic remarks on feminism have also drawn flak.

But now, after being a kickboxing champion, he is in charge of Hustler's University, a crypto trading school. He has always been an outspoken supporter of cryptocurrencies.

A representative by the name of Mateea Petrescu told a well-known news outlet that the Romanian police had confiscated crypto hardware wallets, which are devices used to store digital assets.

According to Patrescu, Andrew Tate's wallet contained 5 bitcoins while his brother's wallet contained close to 16 bitcoins. According to the current market pricing, the total value of all retired bitcoins is somewhere in the neighborhood of $500,000. But, the bitcoins belonging to Andrew Tate were found in his girlfriend's hardware wallet.

There is currently no information available on the quantity of bitcoins Andrew Tate and his brother own. He revealed his investment gains on one episode from his podcast. He said, “I turned 600 grand to $12 million.”

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