One of the biggest electronics manufacturers in the world, Samsung, has said that it is committing more than $35 million to customer-driven metaverse projects in the Latin American region. Samsung Electronics Chile's Anita Caerols, director of marketing and corporate responsibility, issued the following statement:

“At Samsung we believe that the metaverse is a concrete commitment to connect with young consumers. That is why we are investing more than US$35 million in initiatives that cover all of Latam.”

The contemporary metaverse is a logical extension of social media platforms for digital natives, according to Caerols, making it a profitable subject for this company to explore. In addition, Caerols believes that entirely immersive platforms will play a key role in marketing in the future.

As part of its digitally driven growth and marketing plan, the move is intended to assist the brand in connecting with and reaching a younger audience. Added Anita Caerols:

“If a business needs to speak and connect with young audiences, prospect current and future potential consumers, and engage with new influencers, it is imperative that it be in the metaverse starting now.”

A Linkedin survey estimates that 400 million users log onto metaverse platforms each month, with 51% of them being 13 or younger.

The business introduced a "Sam's House" experience in Decentraland in October, enabling users to virtually engage with the business's items. In July, Samsung also released "Space Tycoon," a new Metaverse game for Roblox that lets players join a space station where they may assemble Samsung products from scratch.

In addition, the business is actively supporting development to strengthen its position in the blockchain-based technology market. The IT giant will introduce the first tradable TVs in the world that show a non-fungible token (NFT) in the first half of 2023 as previously reported.

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