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SBF Seeking Technological Professionals To Review Guarantee Conditions


Attorneys for SBF informed the federal judge in a letter on Tuesday that they were looking for a technical expert to counsel the court on his bail disagreement.

Christian Everdell, the CEO of FTX, and Mark Cohen, their attorney, said they have started looking into and speaking with potential experts and anticipate having one or more of them in court by the end of the week.

Judge Lewis Kaplan suggested that the SBF engage and pay for a technical expert to provide advice on bail issues during a court hearing last week.

The SBF's bail requirements have been the subject of debate for the past few weeks. He had previously been charged with using a VPN to hide his internet usage logs while communicating with a prospective witness on Signal.

The prosecution requested that the judge severely restrict SBF's internet access as part of the bail restrictions. Unless the conditions of his promise are met, Kaplan has temporarily forbidden SBF from utilizing VPNs or any encryption software.

SBF's attorney argued that the allegations brought by the prosecution were excessive, and he also requested that SBF access some documents, such Google Documents, to be ready for the trial.

Sam might spend several years behind bars if found guilty. Also, he is temporarily forbidden from speaking with any current or former FTX personnel.

The proposed bail order must be submitted to the court this week, the judge instructed the attorneys. SBF claimed via his counsel that he watched the Super Bowl and other NFL games using a VPN.

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