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Season 2 Would See Distribution of 300M BLUR Tokens to Committed Users


The NFT Blur marketplace has announced that registration for the second season is now open. The community will earn 300 million BLUR tokens during the second season, and those who have shown 100% commitment will get "Mythical Care Packages" and have the best chances of listing NFT on Blur.

But in Season 2, there is only one way to guarantee complete loyalty: users must list NFT on Blur and not any other NFT marketplace. Your allegiance won't be impacted by Blur listing NFTs that other markets still require support for.

By removing third-party listings, you can increase your score by up to 100% in a single transaction by using Blur's new Maximize Loyalty tool.

As the project suffered a sell-off following the airdrop on October 14, the distribution's loyalty score is greater than ever. 360 million tokens were given out at an initial price of $5, however due to heavy airdropping by recipients, the price fell to between $0.5 and $0.7. The trading volume for BLUR in the ensuing hours exceeded $500 million.

With this distribution, the maximum listing score is equal to the sum of the NFT listing reward and the bidding reward. The quantity of lists, the type of lists, and the gathering process are all factors that affect the award.

Loyalty won't be impacted by NFT's listing on markets that Blur doesn't yet support.

Also, Blur has announced additional enhancements, including a new bid comparison feature that shows the lowest price of the collection when bidding, as well as the NFT site individual's mobile capabilities.

During the show, the $BLUR "Season Two" offers were unveiled, which will double all Bid Points and Market Listing Points over the following month. A seasonal approach is really sensible in this situation.

By declaring the continuation of the airdrop program and lowering transaction fees to 0%. The trading volume on Blur has grown significantly and is comparable to that of the top exchange, Open Sea.

Open Sea changed the platform's transaction fees to 0% to encourage trade in reaction to Blur's action. Will Open Sea view Blur as a genuine threat and get ready to take immediate action?

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