3 months ago 1 min read

Shiba Inu Creators Reveal Last and Upcoming Step Before Release of Shibarium Beta


Even though the debut date for the Shibarium Beta is unknown, developers have revealed the next stage.

Shiba Inu influencer SHIB BPP (@SHIB BPP) revealed a Discord chat from Shiba Inu developer Trophias in a tweet yesterday, hinting at the following and maybe final step before the launch of the Shibarium beta.

Trophias claims that the paperwork must be made public before the beta test is launched.

According to what I understand, the website came first, followed by the documentation, and then the beta version.

In a subsequent tweet, Shib BPP seemed to confirm this by posting a message from Shytoshi Kusama. Kusama claims that the project will start after he completes a few final touches, the organization of the documents, and their publication.

Kusama wrote, "I'm just wrapping it up nicely so we can reach those outside the army, and then there are lots more documents to organize and put online and then VOILA."

It's important to note that for more than a year, developers have hinted about the release of the Layer 2 solution. Although it was most recently expected to go live in September, the developers claimed that a delay was due to technical difficulties. To the dismay of the Shiba Inu community, many of whom are tired of waiting, the team has yet to announce a launch date as of the time of publication.

Notably, with the start of the Shiba Inu website upgrade on Sunday, developers have already made the figurative first step toward the Shibarium beta launch.

In the meantime, Kusama has reportedly stated that the project won't be launched over the holidays. Asserting once more that it will launch shortly, he has instead advised community members to spend this time with their families.

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