The most popular cryptocurrency trading platform, Binance, has said that it will remove and stop trading for a number of spot trading pairs. SHIB/GBP, ALPHA/BNB, ASTR/ETH, CELR/ETH, and DAR/ETH are some of the pairs. Jan. 6 at 3 a.m. UTC is the anticipated time for these adjustments to go into effect, and January 6 at 7:00 a.m. UTC for some couples.

Along with removing the aforementioned spot trading pairs from its platform, Binance also intends to stop offering strategy trading services for them.

This notification is meant to serve as a warning to users who may be using automated trading strategies or strategy sandboxes, since they must be updated or cancelled prior to the service being terminated in order to prevent any potential losses.

The tokens offered in these spot trading pairings will however still be accessible to customers via other trading alternatives on the Binance platform.

Binance asserts that by eliminating the aforementioned trade pairings, its users would now have a better experience.

After falling below Solana, Shiba Inu is now the 16th-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization (SOL).

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