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Since September, MicroStrategy Raised $46.6M Through Share Sales

MicroStrategy-michael saylor-sec-silvergate

The CEO of MicroStrategy is Michael Saylor. According to an SEC filing, the company has raised $46.6 million through the sale of shares since September 2022, when it entered a deal with underwriter Cowen & Co. for the sale of up to $500 million in common stock. Since September, sales

In an SEC filing on February 17, the company stated that it had amended its "use of proceeds" statement to account for prospective debt repayments, such as for a term loan with Silvergate Bank that was originally taken out for $205 million in March 2022 but has since increased in cost as the U.S. Short-term interest rates were hiked by the Federal Reserve.

The Silvergate loan's prepayment penalty decreases by half to 0.25% in March 2023 and matures in March 2025.

In the past, MicroStrategy has combined share sale proceeds to boost its bitcoin holdings, believing that this strategy outperforms investing in other asset classes.

Michael J. Saylor created MicroStrategy

In 1989, he helped co-found the company, and he has served as its chairman and CEO ever since.

Being an outspoken advocate for bitcoin and a firm believer in its potential as a wealth storage and an inflation hedge, he is well-known in the cryptocurrency community.

Saylor has also made it clear that he prefers bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, though. Ethereum is a "scientific experiment," according to Saylor, who has been highlighted, and its application potential are limited in comparison to those of bitcoin.

Although MicroStrategy has made significant investments in Bitcoin, it has just lately joined a campaign to create a Bitcoin Mining Council that seeks to enhance ethical mining practices.

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