Key Ideas:

  • In 2023, NFT Degods will switch to Ethereum.
  • One of the core collections of Solana NFT was named as DeGods.
  • After accusations surfaced that Solana was reportedly "extorting" $5 million with an NFT project, the initiative was abandoned.

When it was abruptly announced that the most well-known NFT collection on Solana, DeGods, would be switching to Ethereum next year, the preceding queries received formal responses.

Rumors have risen that the world's most "powerful" NFT project has emerged as Solana struggles to recover from the failure of FTX. The ecosystem claimed that the Solana Foundation "blackmailed" it out of $5 million to keep using this blockchain.

At that time, the focus was solely on DeGods, and there were numerous ideas based on incidents that were directly tied to the project's background with FTX Ventures and Solana Ventures. However, DeGods has not validated the story; it is merely speculative.

By stating that the project will formally "move home" to the Ethereum ecosystem in the first quarter of 2023, DeGods may have tacitly addressed this query.

This information has also been confirmed by Frank III, the creator of DeGods, who provided a more thorough explanation with y00ts, another NFT collection that Dust Labs (DeGods' developer) will also migrate to Polygon, DeGods to Ethereum, and DeGods' ecosystem token, DUST, will be integrated with both of these platforms.

Additionally, Frank III assured the DeGods community that, contrary to what is being said on social media, the project's choice to migrate does not constitute criticism of the Solana ecosystem.

To say that it was foreseen in the rumor described in the article by the losses Solana has already endured would be a lie, but this decision to leave Solana is not wholly unexpected.

At the time of writing, TVL Solana owned $ 218 million, down from nearly $ 1 billion recorded in November 2022, and had left the top 10 largest blockchain platforms in the industry.

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