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Solana Network Still Having A Significant Chain Split Issue


There is a "severe chain split" on the Solana network, although its root cause is unknown. It's possible that Solana won't allow transactions.

Stakewiz, a software and blockchain firm, runs a validator node on Solana.

This causes the blockchain to fork, as validators can not agree on the correct one. This fork created a perplexing code path that made it impossible for validators to return to the primary division.

The Solana network, according to Stakewiz, did not resolve the issue. There is more work to be done in determining the problem's root cause.

“It’s not clear yet what is causing the current performance degradation; turbine and repair appear to be operating at abnormally high levels. We are seeing occasional new roots but very sporadically. The investigation is ongoing.”

Although being widely utilized, Solana frequently makes users bored due to ongoing issues.

Solana, which markets itself as a high-performance blockchain, has faced multiple crashes over the last year. It experienced a freeze lasting around seven hours in early May, a period of downtime of about four hours in June, and a decline in performance during January, March, April, and May. In September 2021, the network was offline for nearly 18 hours.

Despite these issues, Solana continues to have a significant number of users and remains a strong competitor to Ethereum due to its low fees. However, users have commented that the platform's infrastructure still needs improvement.

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