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Sony Enters the Metaverse With New, Affordable Wearables


With its newest product on the market, the Japanese IT giant Sony is placing a new wager in the Metaverse market. New wearable motion trackers from Sony have been announced, allowing users to access the Metaverse on their cellphones.

Both Apple iPhones and Android phones are compatible with these motion trackers. Its six pucks, known as the Mocopi system, are worn by users around their ankles, wrists, heads, and hips. The Android and iOS apps for Sony's Metaverse will use these sensors to animate avatars.

According to Sony, its Mocopi kits will be available to customers in January 2023 for the reasonable price of 49,500 yen ($360). For Sony's foray into augmented reality and virtual reality, this would be a significant wager.

As far as we know, Facebook-parent Meta is also developing a Metaverse VR experience. Being a pioneer in this field would also potentially give Sony an advantage over its rivals.

Bringing Metaverse to a Wider Audience

The Metaverse and VR apps have so far been unable to appeal to a large enough audience. The expense of the hardware has acted as a barrier to entrance, which is the cause of this.

Sony hopes to make a breakthrough and carve out a niche for itself in the worldwide gaming and peripherals market with its reasonably priced wearables. A thorough guide on how users can enter the quickly developing Metaverse space was published by Coin Aquarium about a month ago.

Sony is attempting to capitalize on this Metaverse trend by leveraging its expertise in software creation and the enormously successful PlayStation brand. The tech juggernaut with its headquarters in Tokyo is prepared to push its gaming empire over the traditional dominance of console games. Sony may be able to meet its goal with the aid of these reasonably priced PC and mobile gaming accessories.

In order to test 3D NFTs for its Spatial Reality Display on the ThetaDrop, Sony stated earlier this year that it would work with Theta Network.

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