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Starlink's New 1 TB Soft Cap is Enough for Proto-Danksharding But Not For End-Scaling Game Says Vitalik Buterin


Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, commented on the new user guidelines for users in the US and Canada who use Startlink Internet at home on Twitter. For proto-danksharding, he thinks 1 TB via Elon Musk's Starlink is sufficient.

For proto-danksharding, Buterin claimed that "a soft cap of 1 TB" of monthly household usage power is sufficient. But "not for the scaling endgame," he tweets. Additionally, he added that "complete danksharding with data availability sampling is still required for node running to be sustainable over the long term" in Ethereum.

As a scaling option for the Ethereum chain, which had experienced frequent congestion in recent years, Vitalik proposed proto-danksharding (also known as EIP-4844) in March of this year. Data verification for blob-carrying transactions, which EVM is unable to handle, can be done using proto-danksharding. It was proposed as an alternative to danksharding, and instead of creating additional space for transfers on Ethereum, it divides transactions into data blobs and gives extra room for them.

But neither suggestion has yet been put into action. As noted on the updated roadmap Vitalik posted earlier today, by "endgame" he meant fully SNARKed Ethereum.

In the US and Canada, Starlink has announced a minor modification to the terms of service for residential Internet subscribers. Users with an unlimited bandwidth will now have access to a "fair usage" policy, which means they will begin each new month with Priority Access. However, if they go above 1 TB for the month, they can still use the Basic Access rate to conclude the billing cycle. If the network is busy, clients with Basic Access will have a slower connection than those with Priority Access since Basic Access assumes a lower priority in usage.

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