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Sui Releases Wave 1 of Its Testnet, Here's the Recap

sui network testnet wave 1 recap

The Sui Testnet Wave 1 was reviewed by Sui Network, a Layer 1 public chain, and it was announced that Testnet Wave 2 would begin in the early months of 2023.

The team tested the network for Genesis, Monitoring, Communication, Mitigation, and Updates during the Testnet Wave 1 run, as well as for problems including consensus stalls, updating consensus status for recently restarted validators, and figuring out the root cause of memory leaks.

The Sui team focused on the following during Wave 1:

Genesis: To bring Sui online, the team successfully carried out a joint genesis ceremony with their validators.

Monitoring: In Wave 1, the team set up a worldwide monitoring system to track the throughput, resource utilization, consensus health, and networking health.

Communication: The Sui team explored using a single Discord channel during Wave 1 and discovered that this straightforward strategy worked really well for us.

Mitigation: Wave 1 gave blockchain users the opportunity to test processes for the detection, diagnosis, and mitigation of network events involving problems like disconnections, misconfigurations, erroneous documentation, node sync and catch-up, reliability of consensus, resource consumption by machines, and spikes in transaction traffic.

Updates: To address problems as they surfaced during Wave 1, the team released three different software updates. Without any downtime or data loss, all operators were able to update to the latest version.

A testnet without operational issues is a missed opportunity to gain experience troubleshooting and resolving issues in a real-world setting. Despite Testnet Wave 1's challenges, the operators were able to comprehend, fix, and improve Sui.

Testnet Wave 1 finished 11 million on-chain NFTs and 22 million total transactions during this period.

The company added that Testnet Wave 2 would emphasize tokenomics, stake delegation, and epoch management.

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