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Surprising Aspect Revealed Making Cardano (ADA) the Next Big Thing


Cardano enthusiasts consider Ouroboros Leios, a new Ouroboros family variant that would significantly increase throughput while maintaining optimal security, to be the next big thing for the blockchain.

Ouroboros Leios, according to KtorZ, an open-source developer at the Cardano Foundation, is the most promising L1 upgrade to come. He reveals an unexpected aspect of Ouroboros Leios: the concept is relatively simple.

KtorZ explains the origins of Ouroboros Leios in a series of tweets. Cardano is a distributed system in which nodes reach consensus by sharing blocks according to the schedule that they are elected for. Blocks are generated approximately every 20 seconds and quickly propagated to the rest of the network.

He points out that a node isn't usually actively validating blocks while serializing data and transmitting it to its peers because the block throughput isn't high enough to keep the node busy all the time. The concept behind Leios is to make use of those idle resources and make the chain's construction more parallel. It entails making full use of UTxO's capabilities.

Leios proposes dividing the chain construction into three new types of blocks: input blocks, endorsement blocks, and ranking blocks. These blocks are generated at varying rates and serve a variety of functions.

However, keep in mind that Leios is still a Cardano Improvement Proposal (CIP), which could mean it is a long time away.

Cardano is Entering the Voltaire Era

The CIP-1694, as reported by U.Today, has been released, laying the groundwork for decentralized decision-making. Cardano's Voltaire phase will be supported by an on-chain governance mechanism described in CIP-1694.

The document enhances and expands on the original Cardano governance model, which was based on a set number of governance keys.

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