A blockchain-based alternative connectivity system called Syntropy was created to address problems with the current internet infrastructure. The connectivity system aims to address problems with security, privacy, performance, governance, and resource optimization, according to the whitepaper. To implement its architecture, Syntropy incorporates a number of technologies, such as blockchain, optimal routing, encryption, etc. Additionally, the connectivity system is built to optimize speed by transforming the open internet through a unified layer.

Through a programmability layer, Syntropy touts interoperability with current internet protocols. The layer aims to assure resource optimization by getting rid of the bottlenecks and flaws in the current framework. The connection system works as an open-source ecosystem that houses software assisting technological systems. A native digital asset powers the ecosystem, providing a decentralized economy that serves a sizable portion of the community and node infrastructure developers. Blockchain nodes are tethered network servers that are constantly exchanging data.

Using the designated proof of stake, the Syntropy network is constructed on the Substrate architecture (NPoS). A modified PoS algorithm called NPoS has been implemented on the Polkadot blockchain network. The redesigned algorithm serves as a foundational layer of governance created to support DARP, the network's decentralized autonomous protocol. In order to understand and evaluate internet pathways, Syntropy uses the protocol.

The value-based economy in Syntropy is powered by a cryptocurrency called NOIA. The coin is used by Syntropy to charge users fees for all network-wide transactions. Similar to this, NOIA aims to encourage network use and operation by accounting for all data transferred across it in tokens that represent units of value. Additionally, Syntropy enables users to stake NOIA tokens and become NPoS validators in exchange for rewards.

Syntropy's History (NOIA)

In 2017, Dom Povilauskas, William Norton, and Jonas Simanavicius cofounded Syntropy. The CEO of Syntropy is Povilauskas, while the CTO and chief technical liaison are Norton and Simanavicius, respectively. In addition to the cofounders, the core team also consists of CRO Jeff Lacouture and CMO Kevin Gavin. The maximum quantity of NOIA tokens is 1 trillion, of which 50% are set aside for staking and 15% are set aside for the reward pool.

NOIA's Current Price

NOIA's price has further declined by 4.2% over the previous 24 hours, according to data from CoinGecko and currently trading at $0.03.

It is still a token worth to keep an eye on since its utility is that of strong favor for the community. Soon during the next bull run, we might finally see NOIA breaking its ATH and trading over $1-2.

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