With Texas A&M now being the newest United State College to offer a Bitcoin course to some of its 74,000+ students, the use of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the classroom is continuing to soar.

Associate Professor Korok Ray of Texas A&M's Mays Business School, who will be instructing the "Bitcoin Protocol" course to students in the College of Engineering and Mays Business School when the Spring Semester begins on January 17, made the announcement on January 13.

In the four-part Twitter discussion, Ray said that "Programming Bitcoin" will adhere to the Bitcoin Protocol and teach students how to "create a Bitcoin library from scratch."

The lecturer went on to say that it took "months" of arduous labor to finally win clearance from the school's appropriate curriculum committee body.

According to crypto researcher Josh Cowell, who asserted that it may enhance one's financial literacy if done properly, a dearth of high-quality crypto education has been cited as a major barrier to further acceptance.

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