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The Airdrop's 32 Million SAFE Tokens Went Unclaimed


Key ideas:

  • Gnosis Safe airdropped more than 32 million SAFE tokens to users, however only a small portion of those have been claimed.
  • Four options have been developed by SafeDAO for delivering unredeemed tokens.

The official forum reports that as of December 29, more than 32 million SAFE tokens airdrops supplied by Gnosis Safe to users have not been claimed, despite the application time having ended on December 27.

The official forum reports that as of December 29, more than 32 million SAFE tokens airdropped by Gnosis Safe to users have not yet been claimed, despite the application process having closed on December 27.

The unclaimed airdrop allocation is a topic of discussion within SafeDAO. The team has suggested the following remedy to deal with the issue:

  1. The tokens will be distributed proportionately among those who have already registered for the airdrop. This would almost double the SAFE allocation of the 10,000 community members who have recently claimed their airdrop. The question of whether these tokens should be vested over a longer length of time than is currently the case should be taken into account in this situation. Think about a back-weighted vesting schedule, with the majority of tokens being available after a maximum of two years.
  2. Parts of the SAFE tokens should go to open source developers whose work is used by the official Safe frontend, Tornado Cash contributors like xGozzy, educators like Patrick Collins, and those who have made significant contributions to the larger crypto community. Basically, anything that helps SafeDAO beyond the scope of the Safe Guardians Program. Of course, this isn't fully unselfish, since one may anticipate that these individuals would think about adding to SafeDAO and the team, whether that means participating in the forum, creating software that uses the Safe Protocol, or tweeting about us.
  3. The SafeDAO treasury is where tokens should be stored.
  4. A combination of the three scenarios above will result in the distribution of 15% of the 32 million SAFE tokens that have not yet been redeemed to the 10,000 people who registered for the airdrop and another 15% to open source developers, educators, and others, with the remaining 70% staying in the SafeDAO treasury.

The has not yet made a final choice on these unredeemed tokens. The discussion's voting is still going on.

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