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BitKeep Users Surpass 10 Million After Announcement Of Bitget Wallet Brand Upgrade

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As stated by the company, BitKeep, a Web3 multi-chain wallet, has 10 million users now that it has changed its name to Bitget Wallet.

The number of users worldwide has crossed 10 million since the Web3 multi-chain wallet BitKeep announced on April 3 that it would change its name to Bitget Wallet. At the same time, BitKeep Swap's on-chain transaction functionality now has more than 1 million users and a total transaction value of more than $8 billion USD.

The product positioning was modified from "discovering popular assets" to "faster transactions, better assets" after BitKeep was updated to Bitget Wallet in order to better meet the on-chain transaction requirements of Web3 users and commit to using Web3 in the future.

As was previously mentioned, Bitget, a bitcoin exchange, invested an additional $30 million in BitKeep Wallet, giving it a $300 million valuation. BitKeep will soon be rebranded as Bitget Wallet after a complete brand revamp was launched for BitKeep.

The private wallet was purchased by Bitget, a cryptocurrency exchange, for an additional $30 million at a $300 million valuation. Kevin Como, the company's fictitious CEO, will step down as part of the Bitget agreement, and Karry Cheung, BitKeep's current chief product officer, would be elevated to CEO. BitKeep will carry on operating on its own.

The platform's accomplishments can be attributed to its commitment to giving users a trustworthy and secure solution for managing their digital assets. The platform makes use of cutting-edge technologies, including multi-factor authentication, cold storage, and encryption, to ensure the security of customer funds. Additionally, the exchange employs a group of skilled programmers and security experts who diligently try to keep the platform safe and consumers protected from potential threats.

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