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The CEO of LUNC DAO Accuses Do Kwon of Establishing LUNC DAO


Do Kwon, the founder of Terra, is charged with developing the community validator LUNC DAO, according to LUNC Coach Bruce Wrangler, who thinks Do Kwon did so in order to restore his reputation. Edward Kim, the principal developer of Terra Rebels, and other team members, however, have backed LUNC DAO.

Is Do Kwon Really LUNC DAO's Creator?

In a tweet on November 8, LUNC DAO stated that Coach Bruce Wrangler, a member of the organization, accused Do Kwon of inventing the community validator LUNC DAO as part of an effort to restore Do Kwon's reputation. To re-establish confidence and control over the LUNC and LUNA blockchains, Terraform Labs (TFL) split into several organizations.

Coach Bruce Wrangler, a member of the LUNC DAO, advises users to withdraw from the organization and unstake Terra Classic (LUNC) with the validator. He said that the claims were supported by his examination of the financial connections between TFL, LFG, and LUNC DAO as well as his observation of various similarities between LUNC DAO and Do Kwon's Twitter behavior.

However, Edward Kim other Terra Rebels members have come out in favor of LUNC DAO. Edward Kim also stated that validators LUNC DAO and PFC played a critical and essential part in updating the chain for staking and assisting with the "dragon berry" patch.

In the meantime, LUNC DAO has denied these erroneous accusations. According to LUNC DAO, the team has fought against Bruce Wrangler's offensive humor for the past six months. The LUNA and LUNC communities should band together to restore utility, according to LUNC DAO. Do Kwon and LUNC DAO recently exchanged messages inviting them to reunite and continue their work on Cosmos and other projects.

Price of Terra Classic Struggles to Increase

The price of Terra Classic (LUNC) is still declining despite market pressure and local events. The price of LUNC struggles to increase past the $0.00025 mark. LUNC price is currently trading at $0.00021557, a decrease of more than 5% over the previous day.

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