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The CSO of Kraken Asserts to Have Located the $600 Million FTX Hacker


Nick Percoco, the CSO of Kraken Exchange, tweeted 18 hours ago in response to Mario Nawfal that the Kraken team now knows the name of the user who hacked FTX.

How Kraken was Able to Recognize it with Ease

Since the hacker used the exchange to dump the stolen funds, Kraken's KYC (Know Your Customer) process was sufficient for the Kraken crew to be able to identify the hacker.

Mario Nawfal, the founder and CEO of IBCgroup.io, stated on Twitter that it is quite likely that the hacker is an inept insider.

Community's Integrated Effort

FTX "Hacker" just financed his TRX wallet from Kraken, according to a well-known YouTuber and supporter of cryptocurrencies and NFT named Satoshi Stacker.

Tobias Silver, the creator of just.money, was lauded by Dyma Budorin, the CEO and co-founder of Hacken.io, for his exhaustive examination of the FTX Tron accounts.

Budorin came to the conclusion that an insider is responsible for (the FTX) rug pull or exit fraud due to the hacker's incapacity. Kraken and law enforcement will presumably work together from this point on to find and find the identified person.

FTX Hack Catastrophe

Reports of a $600 million cyberattack appeared hours after FTX declared its intent to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy on a voluntary basis. Prior to the attack, Sam Bankman-Fried also submitted his resignation as CEO of FTX. According to the complaint, there are around 130 additional FTX-related entities that are parties to the proceedings.

According to rumors, the defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX has lost approximately $1 billion in client deposits, and it's suspected that Bankman-Fried utilized a "backdoor" in the company's accounting system to steal money in secret.

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