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DOJ is Attempting to Use FTX Victims as Source of Evidence to Convict SBF

sam bankman-ftx

Today, the DOJ developed a website where all FTX victims can join in offering testimony. The DOJ is looking for evidence against SBF and trying to precisely identify the victims of FTX.

Through its website, the Southern District of New York Office of the United States Attorney has made pertinent information regarding SBF scam victims available, and it has offered to invite them to assist law enforcement.

Potential victims can get in touch with the US in the interim. To find out if they are a victim in school in this case, contact the Attorney's Office's Victims/Witness Coordinator at the provided email address.

“If you believe that you may have been a victim of fraud by Samuel Bankman-Fried, a/k/a ‘SBF,’ please contact the victim/witness coordinator at the United States Attorney’s Office,”

-The notice said.

Judge Lewis Kaplan allowed the request the same day, noting that the FTX case's more than one million victims rendered it "impractical" to rely on more conventional methods of notification "without excessively complicating or extending the proceedings in this cause."

The cases involving the FTX crash are getting more complicated, making it harder to recompense victims and pinpoint who is to blame.

Previously, eight counts of criminal charges were brought against the SBF, which was allegedly crucial in the demise of FTX. But in his most recent trial, which took place on January 6, he refused to enter a guilty plea. As a result, his next trial is set to begin in early October. He appears to have ample time throughout this timeframe to adequately prepare for any upcoming debates.

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