A wallet address under the control of the protocol mining entity for Euler Finance recently transmitted 100 Ether ($170,515) to a wallet linked to the Lazarus Corporation's Ronin network attack.

Euler Finance, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that offers on-chain financing, was hacked with potential losses of up to $197 million, as previously reported.

The Ronin network of Axie Infinity will be mined for $625 million by Lazarus Corporation in March 2022. This infamous hacker organization is also thought to have been engaged in other additional DeFi breaches in 2022.

Lazarus Corporation was added to the list of companies that the US Treasury Department has designated in April. The theft of $100 million in cryptocurrency from Horizon Bridge was blamed on the Lazarus Group and North Korea's APT38 hacking group, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in January.

It is unclear if the Lazarus Group is responsible for the attack or if they have any relation to the mining company Euler Finance.

Euler Labs CEO Michael Bentley wrote about the "toughest day" of his life after Euler was hacked in a series of tweets that were published today.

The site has "always been a privacy-conscious initiative," he tweeted in response to a user who sent a message claiming that Euler had received 10 audits from 6 different companies.

90% of the stolen money must be returned to Euler Financial within 24 hours, according to their request. Otherwise, the offender will be held accountable in court. Thus, the hacker gets to retain $19.6 million. Yet, the hacker still needs to respond.

The organization also solicited community support by offering a $1 million reward to anyone who can locate the hacker's hint.

Since the attack, the token's value has decreased by more than 70%, from $6.1 to $1.9 right now.

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