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The MetaMask Debacle Activated an Old-Fashioned Scam: Alert


Twitter users are discussing a resurrected scam campaign. As more cryptocurrency users attempt to "customize" their MetaMask wallets, "assistance" impersonators attempt to entice crypto holders.

MetaMask Will NOT Contact You Through a Free Email Service

Various statements about the activity of a long-term scam campaign appeared on Twitter between October and November 2022. Newly registered accounts encourage cryptocurrency users to report issues with their MetaMask wallets to an email address.

Impersonating bots are promoting addresses that allegedly assisted in the recovery of funds from MetaMask, the amendment of transactions, and so on. All promoted addresses are hosted on a popular free email service that is unrelated to the world's largest Ethereum (ETH) wallet.

In reality, no legitimate cryptocurrency service will use a free email service to communicate with their customers. Furthermore, MetaMask emphasized that their officers will never contact users first.

As a result, all announcements from such accounts are confirmed blatant scams and should be ignored or reported to the mail service or social media administration.

Users' security concerns are addressed by MetaMask.

Scammers continue to target MetaMask users as the largest on-chain wallet for Ethereum (ETH) and all EVM blockchains.

Most of the time, scammers promote fake airdrops of MASK and MM coins while MetaMask users wait for the governance token airdrop.

As previously reported, MetaMask found itself in hot water following the recent update to its Privacy Policy. It informed users that their IP addresses and Ethereum (ETH) addresses might be transferred to Infura, a MetaMask RPC provider.

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