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New Collaboration Between Tezos Blockchain and Google Designed To Change Web3 Technologies

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With a new contract as a network validator on the Tezos blockchain, Google's cloud computing group will now have one more tool in its Web3 quiver.

On February 22, the Swiss non-profit Tezos Foundation announced a partnership with Google Cloud that will allow customers of the cloud computing service to deploy Tezos nodes and build Web3 applications on the blockchain.

Tezos powers decentralized apps similarly to Ethereum, Cardano, and other blockchain-based smart contract platforms. Two organizations that have utilized Tezos include Ubisoft, a pioneer in the gaming sector, and the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Using the Tezos blockchain and the Google Cloud architecture, this cooperation will also enable businesses and developers to host and deploy RPC (Remote Procedure Call) nodes for Web3 applications.

The association will provide mentorship and Google Cloud credits to a chosen set of Tezos incubator companies through the Google for Startups Cloud Program.

James Tromans, Engineering Director for Web3 at Google Cloud, stated that "We're offering Web3 entrepreneurs and developers secure and reliable infrastructure to experiment and scale their products."

Mason Edwards, the chief commercial officer of the Tezos Foundation, claims that the arrangement is a step toward institutional acceptance and mass-market potential for Web3 technology.

Credits for Google Cloud to a Selected Group of Tezos Incubation Enterprises

With the Google for Startups Cloud Program, the association will offer mentorship and Google Cloud credits to a specific group of Tezos incubator firms.

"We're offering Web3 entrepreneurs and developers secure and reliable infrastructure to explore and scale their products," said James Tromans, Technical Director for Web3 at Google Cloud.

The Tezos Foundation's chief commercial officer, Mason Edwards, asserts that the agreement is a step toward Web3 technology's institutional acceptance and mass-market potential.

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