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The Number of Crypto AI Projects is Growing, but How Long Can They Survive? Discover the Benefits of Metropoly as an Investment


Crypto AI initiatives are the new hot topic. Over the past month, there has been a trend for crypto AI initiatives, which has caused observers to compare current AI efforts to memecoin projects from the past.

How long can the trend persist, though, with the buzz increasing and money flooding the market? In this post, we will examine if the AI boom is a fad and clarify why it is probably far safer to invest in alternative initiatives with well-established roadmaps.

The Memecoin 2.0 Fever? Crypto AI Projects are exploding everywhere.

Now that the AI train has officially departed, everyone is boarding. A fresh pattern has developed over the previous month. By incorporating language bots, picture generators, production assistants, and research algorithms into their protocols, crypto AI projects have emerged across the whole sector.

Not just crypto enthusiasts are participating. With Microsoft investing billions of dollars in OpenAI, major IT companies are vying for a piece of the financial pie.

Over the past week alone, the value of projects like Artificial Liquid Intelligence, Fetch.Ai, and SingularityNET has increased by as much as 200%.

Over the past two weeks, smaller market cap coins like Image Generation AI have grown by more than 500%. Many investors think that the AI craze is an exact replica of the memecoin mania that we saw in 2020 and 2021 due to the intensity of the price spike.

However, given how quickly the AI craze is gaining traction, many investors are unsure whether this is just a passing fad or if it will last like memecoins.

Most observers concur that the AI mania won't persist due to the general market instability, particularly in light of the high inflation and rising interest rates in the economy. Therefore, it would probably be ideal for you to invest your money in a superior choice with a long-term plan, like Metropoly.

Real-Estate Democratization using Metropoly

The first NFT marketplace has been developed by Metropoly, and it is supported by real-world assets that can provide holders with a passive income. The concept aims to democratize real estate by making it accessible to investors worldwide without requiring them to go through banks, complete mountains of paperwork, or submit to intrusive credit checks.

The platform aims to improve real estate investment practices by incorporating cutting-edge technologies into the market. The platform's entire goal is to give users the fastest, most straightforward option to invest in real estate in just 30 seconds, starting with just $100.

The magic of fractionalized ownership enables the small initial capital requirement. Think about having the ability to purchase a portion of a penthouse in London, a townhouse in Paris, and a luxury villa in Dubai. Indeed, you can do that with Metropoly. This is due to the fact that every asset in the Metropoly portfolio has been divided up into smaller units and tied to an NFT. This implies that investors might hold a little portion of a property while still reaping the rewards of real estate investment.

With the support of safer real estate investments, Metropoly successfully gives investors a method to diversify their portfolios away from risky assets like cryptocurrency. In fact, the property market is how the top 1% of earners in the globe increased their fortune, and Metropoly is now offering the similar prospects on its platform.

NFTs That Produce Passive Income in the Real World

Established projects like Metropoly are fantastic because they have a defined plan that ensures their presence in a few months, which is something that most AI tokens cannot promise.

In fact, the Metropoly team has already made their marketplace beta available, and the program looks really stunning;

Even before the product's presale is over, the team is going to release the product's second beta version;

METRO Presale is Still Going On, but the Deadline for Investing is Coming Up

The native token of Metropoly, METRO, which will power the entire Metropoly ecosystem, is presently undergoing a presale. The ERC-20 token, which has a 1 billion METRO supply and over twenty various use cases, will be accepted as a means of payment and reward on the Metropoly platform.

The presale has been extremely successful, garnering almost $500,000 in donations. With a $100 minimum investment, it is now in stage eight and selling each METRO token for $0.05.

Because CertiK has validated the METRO smart contract and used KYC to confirm the team's identity, transparency and security are guaranteed for the presale.

This is almost your final opportunity to get METRO at the current presale price of $0.05, as the fundraising goal is close to $500,000. METRO will cost more once the presale reaches $500,000. Early investors therefore stand to benefit the most by investing now.

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