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The Opening of an El Salvador Bitcoin Embassy in Texas


El Salvador is establishing a second Bitcoin Embassy in Texas after establishing its first one in Lugano, Switzerland.

Milena Mayorga, the ambassador of El Salvador to the United States, tweeted that she and other El Salvadorian delegates met with Joe Esparza, the deputy secretary of the Texas government, during the meeting. Mayorga said:

“We discussed the opening of the second Bitcoin embassy and the expansion of commercial and economic exchange projects," She also added "In 2022, El Salvador and the State of Texas had a commercial exchange of $1,244,636,983.”

The Texas government has recently been openly pro-Bitcoin, and this is another step toward its involvement in the sector. El Salvador became the first sovereign nation in the world to declare bitcoin legal tender, creating history and upending the current fiat system at the same time.

Since then, the nation has taken steps to develop the first bitcoin-backed sovereign debt bonds, had a successful conference, and is home to other enterprises that are solely supported by the cryptocurrency. El Salvador made progress when it opened an embassy in Switzerland, and the meeting between its ambassador and Texas government officials is another significant step in the country's adoption of Bitcoin.

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