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Paxos Treasury Burned 140,000,000 BUSD; Is The BUSD Era Over?


The Paxos Treasury has burnt 140,000,000 BUSD, knocking the Binance Dollar (BUSD) out of the top 10 by capitalization.

BUSD is quickly disappearing from the stablecoin market as Paxos is given the death penalty by US regulators. Although Paxos is devoted to maintaining the margin and converting BUSD to cash, the market share of this stablecoin is definitely dropping. Due to the inability to produce new coins and Paxos' continual burning of currencies, the current supply of this stablecoin is just about 10.98 billion tokens, a loss of over 31% over the past 30 days.

This directly reflects the stablecoin's position in terms of market capitalization. CoinGecko stated, BUSD was sixth in terms of market value prior to the incident but has now slid out of the top 10 and is now at position 11.The coin that gains the most from maintaining its unique status is Tether (USDT). The entire supply of USDT has climbed by around 5% during the last 30 days, DefiLlama said, increasing the stablecoin’s capitalisation to $70.9 billion. With a direct market share of 52.3% held by Tether, the stablecoin market cap is currently hovering around $135.4 billion.

The Dollar Coin (USDC) from Circle comes in second. In spite of accusations that it suggested Paxos-BUSD to New York officials, Circle has persisted lately. The USDC market capitalisation is now about 42.2 billion USD, representing 31.2% of the market. Another stablecoin that is rising in popularity is TrueUSD (TUSD). Binance appears to be moving its priority to TUSD after being unable to do business with BUSD, as Binance issued a huge quantity of stablecoin TUSD on February 17. The 30-day period saw a 16% increase in TUSD supply, bringing the capitalization to $1.1 billion. With a 0.8% market share at the moment, TrueUSD is ranked fifth, behind USDT, USDC, BUSD, and DAI.

The stablecoin war is anticipated to intensify soon as new competitors like Curve's crvUSD, Aave's GHO, and Fantom's fUSD join the fight.

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