4 months ago 2 min read

The SBF Manhunt in the Bahamas is Getting Progressive


Decrypt reports that after the demise of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, influential crypto Twitter users met in the Bahamas to find the former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried with the intention of "hunting SBF."

It is well known that FTX operates out of a lavish penthouse at Albany Resort and has a base of operations in the Bahamas since September of last year.

Ben Armstrong, the tournament's opener and creator of the BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel with millions of followers, attempted to post a live video of himself touring the resort but was denied by staff. He persisted and made trips to other areas of the island in an effort to learn more. He uploaded a video of himself at a house that, according to the Washington Post, belonged to SBF's parents.

A larger number of influencers are en route to explore what data they can get. Youtuber Gabriel Haines recently raised $10,000 from the cryptocurrency community and is now traveling to the Bahamas.

Despite his lack of confidence in his ability to locate the SBF, Haines told Decrypt that he still believes his videos would help the community who are still hurting from the abrupt shutdown of one of the biggest businesses and most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges.

Haines claimed that after seeing a twitter user's poll in which 2,000 respondents agreed that they should pool the money, 75% of the cryptocurrency community expressed interest in bringing him to the Bahamas.

Following the Bitboy incident, going to the Bahamas to look for SBF became a crypto-twitter meme, with many people claiming to join the hunt.

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