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SFC Gave Signum Digital Permission To Start Hong Kong's First Security Token Offering

signum digital-hong kong-coinstreet holdings-huobi-blockchain

The first company in Hong Kong to obtain preliminary approval to run a platform for trading security tokens is Signum Digital.

The security token offering and subscription platform for Signum Digital, a partnership between the digital asset consulting firm Coinstreet Holdings and the Hong Kong financial organization Somerley Capital Holdings (Somerley Capital Holdings), revealed on March 17 that it had acquired Hong Kong securities and received Futures Commission approval in principle.

Signum Digital aims to offer professional investors a platform for security tokens that are traded on the blockchain and linked to various asset classes like private equity, real estate, art, and collectibles. Under the condition that Signum receives final approval from the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, it will use the name "CS-Pro" to run the platform. The platform will be the first of its kind in Hong Kong, claims Signum.

The SFC released draft rules for trading virtual assets last month, requiring cryptocurrency exchanges to apply for licenses so that beginning in June, ordinary investors could trade specific high-capitalization tokens.

Presently, only professional investors with at least HK$8 million (about US$1 million) in assets that have been proven can trade virtual assets in the region. Major cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global also said last month that it is applying for a Hong Kong operating license and may move its headquarters there from Singapore.

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