3 months ago 1 min read

Volume of SHIB Trading has Significantly Increased


The trading volume of Shiba Inu has increased by up to 110% in the last 24 hours as the SHIB cryptocurrency continues to gain popularity.

The whole trading volume of SHIB, which is now being conducted, has experienced fast increase recently. The main cause of this is that when Shibarium Codes are published on GitHub, investors learn about new revenue streams, which in turn makes community members fear missing out (FOMO).

Since it struck a low of $0.0000079 on December 28, this token has been steadily returning up and reaching new highs. This asset has now recorded five consecutive "green" days over the course of a single week. Additionally, Ethereum whales contributed to this price rise. He token is one of the cryptocurrencies that whales buy the most frequently.

Other than me, the token that will gain the most from this meme coin will be BONE since, once Shibarium is in place, it will be the only token needed to cover gas costs. In the last twenty-four hours, BONE's price has increased by 11.76%, and it is now worth $1.12. Similar to that, BONE's trading volume increased by 105% during the course of the past twenty-four hours.

The amount of tokens burned increased by 33.53% in addition to the previously mentioned positive catalysts. A total of 113,660,903 SHIBs have been burnt over the last twenty-four hours, and seven transactions have been finished.

There were 6,395 transactions and a total consumption of 83,347,071,504 Shiba Inu tokens in the year 2022.

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