The layer-1 blockchain protocol Aptos Network announced on Thursday that the Aptos Mainnet will shortly get the Aptos Node v1.2 update. New features and improvements will be included as part of the upgrade in order to boost functionality, decrease timeouts, and support new integer types.

The price of Aptos (APT) has increased by nearly 450% in January because to strong community support, and the new upgrade is projected to drive APT prices further higher because of an increase in transactions and use cases.

Aptos Announces Release of Node v1.2

The Aptos v1.2 Release will soon be available on the Aptos Mainnet, according to the company's official Twitter account. The new features and improvements have been tested by the team on the testnet and are accessible to the public on GitHub.

Exponential back-off will be added to the Aptos Node v1.2 version along with performance improvements to lower latencies and better handle timeouts for full nodes in low-bandwidth scenarios.

The Move programming language is used with the Aptos Layer 1 blockchain. The upgrade will include compile-time checks for transaction arguments, smart contracts, view functions, and new integer types (u16, u32, and u256). The AIP 1, AIP 2, AIP 3, and AIP 4 governance proposals will be able to minimize gas, improve transaction efficiency, and implement various token changes thanks to the latest version release on the Aptos mainnet.

Along with adding features and improvements, the team also repaired a few bugs that might have caused validators to crash or the system to become destabilized. The bugs were found through a bug bounty program and ordinary third-party auditing.

Massive Rally of APT Price

The price of Aptos (APT) surged by a staggering 450% in January. The price of APT is currently $18.24, up more than 12% during the previous 24 hours. The low and high for the past 24 hours are $15.66 and $18.63, respectively. Additionally, in the previous 24 hours, the trade volume climbed by 50%, showing a rise in interest.

After the mainnet release of Aptos Node v1.2, the APT price is most likely to increase. A fast-growing community has embraced Aptos, which is currently ranked 24th among the top 100 cryptos.

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