The first installment of repayments from Mt. Gox's due date has been delayed by two months, from July 31 to September 30, according to a notice from the creditors. Additionally, the payment start date has been delayed by two months to March 10.

Additionally, January 10 to March 10 is now the deadline for supplying banking and cryptocurrency exchange information. According to former CEO Mark Karpeles, who said this in a Telegram chat message, the deadline was extended because a sizable number of customers still had not submitted their information.

Each creditor is going to get a basic payment. Additionally, they will choose to take a later payment that can be for a different amount or an early lump sum payment. Fiat money, cryptocurrencies, or both may be used to make payments. This will be sent to the recipient's bank account or cryptocurrency exchange.

The date alteration may be related to Kraken's exit from the Japanese market as a cryptocurrency exchange, according to rumors among Mt. Gox creditors. It was a possible exchange option for creditors to select in order to get their bitcoin payments. The exchange did however declare its intention to leave the Japanese market in January as a result of global layoffs.

According to certain creditors, the new deadline will make it simpler for them to confirm their cryptocurrency exchange information in time for the previous deadline. In the past, they have had trouble accomplishing this. One creditor claimed to be from Japan and to have registered Kraken as their exchange on the Mt. Gox creditors Telegram group. After learning of Kraken's decision to leave the nation, they registered for two other exchanges so they could provide an alternate payment option.

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