In honor of the international release of its MMORPG, MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond, WEMIX PLAY, the top blockchain gaming platform by Wemade, is holding a WEMIX airdrop event through February 28th.

One million users who match the following criteria will receive one WEMIX apiece from WEMIX PLAY: connect game account to PLAY Wallet, attain character level 25, and have a log-in record within one week of the event's conclusion date. If there are more than 1 million players, winners will be chosen in the order that they reach character level 25. Winners and further details will be revealed later.

K-MMORPG MIR M, which features martial arts, debuted on January 31. It used blockchain technology to build tokenomics based on the game token DRONE and governance token DOGMA, and it remade Wemade's most well-known IP, The Legend of Mir 2, to meet modern gaming trends.

Additionally, MIR M is a component of the MIR4 economy, the most popular blockchain game in the world, which is a part of the inter-game economy. Users of the games in this inter-game economy have the option to reinvest the game tokens they have earned in one game into another, starting a positive feedback loop.

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