3 months ago 1 min read

Tornado Cash Received from 1205 ETH Sent From Nomad Attacker Address


More than 4 months have passed since then. Attacks occurred on Nomad Bridge. The monies have not yet been fully recovered, however, as it has recently come to light that the attackers are still attempting to extract the assets using crypto mixer platforms.

During the Nomad attack on the cross-chain interoperability protocol, hackers sent 1,205 ETH, or nearly $1.5 million, to Tornado Cash.

The Nomad bridge appears to have been the victim of a security flaw in the early days of August that allowed hackers to drain the bridge's cash in a methodical manner through a large number of transactions. The bridge has had almost all of the $190.7 million in cryptocurrency removed.

Nomad has so far recovered more than $30 million in total from stolen funds, but this amount pales in comparison to the damage done to the platform. Nomad announced that it would give a 10% reward to anyone who returned the tokens to a specified return address, and the business guaranteed that no legal action would be taken against those who did so.

Previously, towards the end of August, a transaction involving the attackers sending tokens worth $7.5 million (the market value at the time) to an unidentified wallet address was discovered on-chain.

The Nomad Bridge was relaunched almost two weeks ago. The team has been putting a lot of effort into recovering cash and executing the essential improvements to properly restart the Nomad Token Bridge ever since it was hacked. After the relaunch, holders of madAssets may be able to access their recovered cash using the upgraded bridge.

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