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Trip Hawkins, Founder of EA, Joins Revolutionary Web3 Studio

EA Sports-web3-trip hawkins-apple-steve jobs

The founder of gaming behemoth Electronic Arts (EA), Trip Hawkins, is switching his attention from being the lead character at gaming behemoths to a web3 game studio startup in Barcelona, Games For A Living (GFAL).

Hawkins will join the company as the chief strategy officer and a board member. He has expertise with businesses at every stage, from working with Steve Jobs at Apple to steering EA toward its initial public offering.

“Trip is the father of modern video game publishing and one of the best visionaries in the games industry, to the extent that he was already talking about NFTs back in 2007 when I first met him,” said Manel Sort, CEO of GFAL. “We’re honored to have him on board to guide our strategy going forward, which I am sure will be a huge boost to our business and the future of blockchain gaming.”

At Digital Chocolate, Hawkins and Sort cooperated. King Barcelona, the second-largest studio for the international game company, had Sort as its FVP and studio manager.

cherry cheese The company's free-to-play role-playing strategy game is called Elemental Raiders.

"Regardless of the recent birthing pains, blockchain as a technology holds a lot of potential, enabling enhanced experiences, verifiable proof of ownership and asset trading, as well as creating new opportunities for social interaction and innovative business models,” Hawkins said in the release. “We want to capitalize on that, not necessarily by forcing conventional gamers to hop on to the web3 express, but by adding value to the gaming models that already exist.”
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