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Turkey Makes Significant Progress with Growing Adoption Of Blockchain for Digital Identity

turkey-edevlet-fuat oktay

Blockchain technology has finally found a home in Turkey's e-government. This technology has applications in a variety of areas, including banking, transportation, finance, and health. This time, the Digital Turkish Lira project and the digital identification application were displayed.

Turkey plans to use blockchain technology to streamline the login process for its online public services. When using a blockchain-based digital identification to access numerous public services in Turkey through E-Devlet, Turkish citizens will have their identities validated.

At the Digital Turkey 2023 Meeting, Vice President Fuat Oktay spoke on digital wallets and identity. According to Oktay, this new application, which focuses on blockchain technology, will revolutionize e-government thanks to the use of digital identification.

The blockchain-based application, according to Oktay, is a revolution for e-government projects, and it will improve the usability and security of online services. retaining users' digital data on their portable devices.

Additionally, it isn't the only use of digital identity. According to information provided by Oktay, a variety of tasks, including as military duty, roll call, summons, and dispatch, will be feasible with the new system:

"Services including e-appointment, declaration of succession, e-detection, and registered vehicle enquiry on behalf of the person you are the heir of were also implemented as a result of the work done with the Notaries Union of Turkey."

As part of the first-phase tests, the first payment transactions on the Digital Turkish Lira Network were also successfully performed. The Central Bank of Turkey further said that studies on the economic and legal underpinnings of the Digital Turkish Lira, as well as its technological specifications, will be given top attention during 2023.

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