The vintage media player Winamp now accepts music NFTs created on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains in its most recent desktop iteration.

Users may link their Metamask wallets from Chrome, Firefox, and Brave and load music from ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens on Ethereum and Polygon with to the new web3-focused functionality. In a release, CEO Alexandre Saboundjian stated:

“The genesis of Winamp has always been about accessibility and innovation, and today we are proud to launch the very first standalone player reading audio NFTs, as well as any other existing formats. Winamp was a key part of the first digital music innovation, when mp3s changed the way we listen and enjoy music. Now we’re supporting the leading edge of the next one, as more and more artists explore web3 and its potential.”

With the upgrade, Winamp's memory usage is reduced, music NFTs are supported, and security is improved.

Since its initial release in 1997, Winamp has quickly evolved into the default Windows media player. Since then, it has been far exceeded by a number of competing media services, such as Windows Media Player and Apple Music.

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