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Verifiable Value for NFTs Now Enhanced With CardFi


Award Pool, the company that gamified how to build, engage, and monetize your community, is launching CardFi, a new layer 3 protocol and DAO that brings true, verifiable value to any NFT.

CardFi, which is launching on the Ethereum, Polygon, Celo, and Binance Blockchains, allows anyone to create, gift, and redeem asset-attached NFT gift cards in a simple web-based Dapp designed in the same style as Award Pool.

Gift cards are a popular way to give someone the perfect present in a world where more and more purchases are being made online. The Global Gift Card Market is expected to be worth $84 billion in 2022 and $202 billion by 2027. Traditional gift cards, on the other hand, are frequently associated with a specific platform or store. That is why they get misplaced in our email or wallets because we forget about them because they are only useful in one location.

Because they are built on the decentralized web, asset-attached NFT gift cards are unique. They are impossible to duplicate or forge because each card is unique, independently verifiable, and linked to specific crypto assets. Furthermore, the protocol is entirely non-custodial, which means that only the current NFT holder can buy anything or redeem the attached tokens.

Consider attaching ERC20 tokens to an NFT you already own and enjoy. Your NFT now has a verifiable value that only the current holder of the NFT can redeem. Furthermore, your NFT can be freely traded, sold, or transferred on the marketplaces of your choice. So, whether you keep the NFT, give it to a friend, or sell it, the value passes to the owner.

As a small business, you can give NFTs to your customers as loyalty and rewards that they can use at your store to make future purchases. As an event planner, you can provide NFT tickets and POAPs with value that attendees can redeem for items at the event or future events. As an artist, you have the ability to add value to your work beyond the design, thereby establishing an asset-backed floor value for a specific NFT.

Consider owning an NFT of your favorite footballer that automatically allocates tokens based on the player's performance - this is possible with the CardFi API, and it's a holiday gift card worth giving!

CardFi is a layer 3 protocol that is built on EVM blockchains and employs Solidity Smart Contracts. The contract secures all assets, and only the cardholder has access to the attached ERC20 tokens. The CardFi team wants the project to be open to everyone, so the open-source code is available on Github, and the protocol is owned by a Swiss DAO.

You can get started right away by visiting CardFi.com, join the CardFi Swiss DAO by visiting the site and purchasing a membership.

CardFi Information

CardFi simplifies the creation, trading, and redemption of asset-attached NFT gift cards. CardFi is a layer 3 protocol that is built on EVM blockchains and employs Solidity Smart Contracts. CardFi powers an ecosystem of NFT gift cards backed by crypto currencies, with the NFT holder having the right to redeem the attached value. Please visit CardFi.co for more information.

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