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Vitalik Criticizes Musk's Twitter Strategy and Offers These Ideas


The "blue tick" membership, which costs only $8 a month for Twitter subscribers, was officially introduced by Elon Musk, the richest man in the world and "Chief Twit." Buterin, the CEO of Ethereum, appears to be a little hesitant about Musk's most recent intentions for Twitter.

Will Elon's Twitter Blue Tick Strategy Be Successful?

Buterin acknowledged that he had some doubts about how successfully this plan will turn out. He emphasized that it will rely on precisely how much investigation is done to verify that users receiving blue checks are who they claim to be.

He said that paying $8 a month and using any name you like would undermine the blue check's anti-scam mission. He did, however, make the argument that the outcomes would be considerably different if there was more genuine verification.

Vitalik said he doesn't get the argument that charging $8 a month for a Twitter blue tick establishes a hierarchy in the economy. He emphasized that the current blue check plan is significantly more exclusive than yesterday's $20 per month level.

He did however propose that verifications be billed at cost. Although it ought to be kept apart from other premium services.

Vitalik's Proposed Ideas

Musk previously announced a Twitter blue tick subscription plan for customers. He declared that regardless of whether someone had a blue tick or not, the current system of lords and peasants will not work.

Musk stated that in order to combat spam, users will receive features like a priority in answers, mentions, and search.

Vitalik, meanwhile, declared that he would be in favor of charging a one-time price for the Twitter blue tick. From an anti-abuse perspective, this strategy makes more sense. The one-time cost would be more than the $8 monthly fee that is now in place.

He also said that users would have to pay more to try again if they were banned for abusing the blue check.

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