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Vitalik Describes Stunning Vision for Cryptocurrency in 2023 and Other Things


What is the definition of extension of the good vision of cryptocurrency? Matt Huang, a co-founder of Paradigm, asked Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, on December 31. In his tweet, Vitalik outlined the expanded concept of the beautiful vision of bitcoin, which also encompassed improved expansion, privacy, user experience, and encrypted social interaction.

In terms of more individuals receiving value from payment + SoV + DeFi, encrypted social take-off, identity and SIWE (Sign-In with Ethereum) success, DAO's new organizational model is gaining ground, and so forth.

Currently, one of the most well-known KOLs in the cryptocurrency industry is Vitalik Buterin. Thanks to his efforts, which were primarily in the form of code, and his steadfast dedication to the industry, Vitalik is still the industry leader in cryptocurrencies. His effect can be evident in the way he evaluates a market topic from a certain point of view.

The most recent instance occurred when he utilized a tweet to assist Solana in rising above a 22-month low. Even though Solana was originally called the "Ethereum slayer," which today seems a touch pompous, Ether is ironically his most important foe. SOL's 15% decline was largely restored as Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin tweeted support for the blockchain that was most negatively impacted by the loss of FTX. Having spent the majority of the day in its trading range of $9.63, SOL rose from its $8.02 low on Thursday. In addition, going back to March 2021, this is the lowest position in the past 22 months.

On December 17, he also noted three significant untapped cryptocurrency potentials that he intended to realize: widespread use of cryptocurrency wallets, the creation of stablecoins that are immune to inflation, and a rise in the use of Ethereum-based apps.

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