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WARNING: Fake Token Launch Campaign, According To MetaMask


The widely used cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask has issued a warning about a phony $MASK token launch, according to a tweet from the project on March 28.

No Token Launch According To Metamask

According to numerous speculations, MetaMask will conduct an official token snapshot or airdrop on March 31. These rumors, according to the initiative, are "not only incorrect but [also] harmful," since they give con artists and phishers a way to prey on cryptocurrency users.

Nevertheless, Dan Finlay, a software developer at MetaMask, claimed that the excitement around the purported airdrop is the result of a "bunch of individuals who don't know what they're talking about." Scammers "will definitely be out in force around that day," he said.

The story appears to have started on March 26 from a "eezzy" social media account before being spread more extensively by Degenscan leader serp1337.

According to the claims, which purportedly were based on insider information, MetaMask would snapshot user transactions on March 31 before a 2024 airdrop. Given that the initial rumor did not ask for transfers to be made to a specific address, it is unclear whether it was spread with fraudulent purposes.

In any event, despite all rumors and recommendations to the contrary, MetaMask does not currently have a native token and has no immediate intentions to introduce one.

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