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Website Rift At DefiLlama As One Founder Pushes For Issuance Of Cryptocurrency Token


Two locations now host the decentralized finance leaderboard website.

A single team member has sought to issue a coin without receiving support from other team members, prompting DefiLllama, a decentralized finance data site, to question its leadership.

Now There Are Two "llama" Websites

At defillama.com, DefiLlama first became up around October 2020. Recently, llama.fi has unveiled a website that is almost exact replica.

The majority of the DefiLlama team built the second site as a result of a "hostile takeover," in accordance of Oxngmi, one of the team members, who explained that there is a "ongoing attempt" to issue a crypto token without the team's consent.

Tendeeno, another participant, asserted that 0xngmi's claims were true. He further claimed that OxLlam4 is the only person making an effort to launch the token.

DefiLlama was invented by 0xLlam4, although Tendeeno claimed that 0xngmi took over development after joining the team. He added that 0xngmi is the team's manager, accountable for salaries, and the majority legal owner of DefiLlama.

Due to a lack of site revenue, 0xLlam4 apparently plans to issue a coin against the team's preferences. Other group members cannot directly stop this outcome because 0xLlam4 controls the DefiLlama website and its Twitter account.

As 0xLlam4 hasn't spoken much in public, it's not obvious if or when the supposed crypto coin will be released. As of right now, his Twitter account is secret, and there doesn't seem to be a way to get in touch with the developer.

What Website Will Remain?

The main tool offered by both websites is currently the same: a leaderboard listing different DeFi projects and showing the total amount of cryptocurrency locked in those projects.

Although the bulk of the team seemed to support llama.fi, it is uncertain whether the website will be able to draw in visitors considering that defillama.com has been up for more than two years.

If the two sides can reach an agreement, the two sites might be reunited.

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